About Matthias Cordes

Creating powerful, high-converting websites with exceptional UX/UI design.

From World Traveler To Webflow Wizard

Tired of sipping tea on the plains of East Frisia, Germany, Matthias finished high school and spent 8 months working and travelling around Australia and Bali.

His first gig as a web designer came from a second hand washing machine store in Sydney. And it came out alright in the wash.

Matthias wasn’t back in Germany for very long, before he followed his dream of studying Creative Technology at the University of Twente, in the Netherlands.

Portrait of Matthias standing on a street.

Going solo, Matthias now offers a bespoke web design and development service using Webflow. Since making the switch to solopreneur he decided to focus exclusively on technology entrepreneur-driven startups – something he’s passionate about:

“Solving business and design problems for businesses in the same industry allows me to understand their challenges and their market better.”

Matthias settled quickly and found his niche by providing digital marketing to small local businesses. It was during his final year of university that Matthias set up his own marketing agency with a friend, building websites and online shops in the evenings and at weekends.

After graduation, Matthias decided to pursue the agency full-time, presenting the power of the new digital world to small business owners. Their agency offered web design, video production, social media marketing, and SEO. Then in 2020, Matthias made a bold move.

His vision is simple: create customisable and scalable business websites that work reliably and have great design. His motivation?

“My goal is to help my clients grow their business, help them to make it easier to maintain and scale their website, to attract new clients or investors and overall feel proud to share their business website with the world.”

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Portrait of Matthias standing on a street.

"During our collaboration, Matthias has been very friendly, competent and reliable. A clear and structured process helped to quickly develop the basis for my company website, find the right images and text. I am very happy with the realisation and look forward to further projects."

Arnim Schmid
CEO, Conyu

“When working on our website, Matthias always tried to conduct short and effective feedback loops, which made the design process very efficient. The result is great and I have been positively surpriced, how fast he works. Thank you.”

Founder, devconnect

"Matthias provided us with a great service. He always responded quickly and explaining things clearly, when we had any questions. His advice and support before, during and after our project was excellent. Due his previous experiences he was able to consult us and give us direction, when we did not know what to focus on next."

Daniel Pfeifer
Co-Founder, Interra Circle