Portrait of Matthias standing on a street.

From world traveler to Creative Technology student

Tired of sipping tea on the plains of East Frisia, Germany, I finished high school and spent 8 months working and traveling around Australia and Bali.

My first gig as a web designer came from a second hand washing machine store in Sydney. And it came out alright in the wash.

I wasn’t back in Germany for very long, before I followed my dream of studying Creative Technology at the University of Twente, in the Netherlands.

From university student, to agency owner, to Webflow wizard

I settled quickly and it was during my final year of university that I set up my own agency with a friend, helping small local businesses with digital marketing. I found my niche by creating websites, working in evenings and at weekends.

After graduation, I decided to pursue the agency full-time, presenting the power of the new digital world to small business owners.

Our agency offered web design, video production, social media marketing, and SEO.

Then in 2020, I made a bold move, going solo. Since then, I offer a custom web design and development service using Webflow. Since making the switch to running a company-of-one, I decided to focus exclusively on working with technology startups.

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Portrait of Matthias standing