How a new website helped Kern go from 0 to 10 inbound leads per month


Kern was on a serious mission: to become the best tool for turning raw data into powerful insights. Unfortunately, their website (first created when they were an early-stage startup) didn’t grow with them.

Their website structure didn’t highlight value and customers couldn’t get sample data easily. The user flow and website click path had to improve.

It was time for a change.


The solution

We started with a strategy session. Kern wanted to show ambitious companies they could leverage raw data with AI. We needed crisp information architecture and a clear visual direction.

With the foundations in place, I got to work. Kern received a content strategy to engage customers and wireframes that clarified how we’d lay out the new page content so it helps visitors reach the goal (booking a demo) faster. 

No stone unturned; we decided the new website would emphasize time-saving features like CMS synchronization. And, for customers who wanted to try before they buy, we published helpful resources with sample data.


Kern never had problems driving traffic. But with 700 visits monthly, they’d get 0 demo requests. Once we updated their website, the conversion improved. They started receiving 10+ inbound leads every month

Kern created a fantastic tool. And now, their website shows it.

Update 2023:

Kern's product strategy shifted and consequently they went through a rebranding. Therefore the work you see here is not live anymore.

"Working with Matthias was great. Nowadays, we have a different website. However, the website that Matthias built for us was incredibly good and exactly what we had envisioned back then." - Johannes Hötter, Co-Founder & CEO at Kern

Improved conversation rate
Unique website design
Strong communication
Improved page speed
Bilingual website
Johannes Hötter
Great collaboration, very good initial strategy planning and corresponding implementation, which is reflected in a first-class result. The project was a big investment for us, but the delivered results were definitely worth it! I look forward to more projects with Matthias in the future! :)



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