From stagnant to scalable: Seatti’s new and improved website


Seatti was growing fast, but they were missing out on opportunities to learn about their uses. As a company that helps hybrid work teams book desks and personal meetups, Seatti needed a website that constantly learned from clients and allowed them to iterate on their marketing strategies fast.

Seatti works perfectly for diverse clients. However, their old website didn’t highlight individual features and different use cases. While Seatti was selling to companies like Flixbus and Sixt, their website stagnated.

Seatti was ready to shake things up.


The solution

Webflow was the perfect solution for Seatti’s issues. We started with effective communication. From there, we focused on data and integrated tools like Hubspot with their new website.

Seatti was missing key information that encourages leads to book a demo. Our website strategy focused on the right information architecture to strengthen the previously weak page structure and resolve accessibility issues.

Since Seatti has a distinguished company culture, the design clearly defined what sets them apart. Diverse companies could now quickly discover how Seatti helps in their case.

All along, the website remained scalable. Even the marketing team could now make changes directly to stay ahead of the competition.


There was nothing unique about Seatti’s old website. They were yet another tool for hybrid teams.

Seatti’s new website intensified their power at the front and back end. Their website communicates the full power of their solutions for different use cases. When the marketing team created their next campaign, leads arrived to a website that spoke their language

Webflow opened a world of new possibilities; the marketing team could easily add valuable resources, gated content, and build a relationship with prospects.

Seatti equips teams for the future. And now, their new website proves it.

Unique website design
Easy-to-use CMS
Third-party data integration
Improved speed
Bilingual website
Johannes Eppler
Highly recommend! Great communication, motivation and effort to implement a lot of detailed requests and combine them into a great overall outcome while consulting on key decisions.



Stakeholder Alignment
Information Architecture
Goal Definitinon


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Web Design


Webflow Development
No-Code Integrations
Analytics Setup
Quality Assurance
Front End Development
Back End Development


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