Why Comgy’s team loves their new digital home


Comgy makes it easier for real estate companies to meet EU regulations with a specialized software solution. Their product is innovative and highly automated. 

In contrast, their website was out of date and inflexible. They needed a site that could better represent their work to clients and job candidates.

Comgy was also beginning to scale and wanted to launch a website that was capable of scaling with them. They set out to modernize their web design and I helped them build it.


The solution

Comgy approached this project with strong concepts and an open mind. We put our heads together to implement their vision the way they saw it and come up with new ideas to make something great even greater. 

After their team tailored the messaging and design for their audiences, I built their site for them in Webflow. We needed to create a straightforward component system, so that their marketing team members could maintain the site themselves, without risk of breaking anything. 

We used a styling system and flexible building blocks for their team to use in the future. Now, they can set up new pages and make content updates fast, without relying on IT or an external developer.


We hit our target KPIs, but to Comgy, this project meant so much more than the metrics. Their website received positive feedback from customers, investors, and their staff.

This work sparked strategic conversations across their company, with team members across departments all contributing to the outcome. At the end, everyone felt truly represented with the sleek and up-to-date site, and they were well-positioned for scaling and hiring.

Easy-to-use CMS
Reusable components
Custom interactions
Scalable design system
Improved performance
It's not often I get to work with people that just make my life easier. Matthias was always responsive, easy-going and knowledgeable about the needs of our project.
Madsen Vale
Head of Design
Madsen Vale
Head of Design



Stakeholder Alignment
Information Architecture
Goal Definitinon


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Web Design


Webflow Development
No-Code Integrations
Analytics Setup
Quality Assurance
Front End Development


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Launch Strategy
Web Hosting