licili’s successful rebrand from startup to scale-up


licili is a software that helps companies quickly understand customer feedback and use it to improve. licili’s team believes in the power of user feedback, so when they found out their website was confusing customers, they knew they needed to do something about it.  

licili’s team also felt that their website and logo no longer represented the state of their company. As a startup, they had to put together their first website quickly. Now that they were an established company, they wanted a website that showed it.


The solution

During the discovery phase of the project, it became clear that licili’s visual brand identity wasn’t working. I connected them to a brand designer who helped us update their logo, color palette, typefaces, and assets for social media

Once the visual brand identity was in place, we defined the ideal structure for the site using wireframes. After aligning on site structure and a visual direction, we created a custom web design that elevated the brand.

licili’s custom design included unique animations and interactive elements (hover over the visuals in the software functions section to see examples). 

We built licili a clean, yet creative website that’s clear to users and easy to maintain.


licili’s complete trust in us contributed to a successful rebrand that achieved their goals. Leads and clients have noticed a difference in their website and their brand as a whole. While it’s still early to comment on metrics, the qualitative data is promising. 

Their new site makes it easy for users to understand their product and positions licili as an established company that users can trust.

Unique website design
Custom animations
Improved user experience
Intuitive site structure
Scalable design system
The collaboration with Matthias was convenient. During the entire project, we followed a clear process and I was always informed about the state of the project, as well as the next steps. The result is that we now have a clean and well-structured site that communicates effectively who we are and what we offer. Our new site is exactly what we wanted. Reflecting on the project, I would do it the same way again.
Lukas Kauderer
CEO & Co-Founder
Lukas Kauderer
CEO & Co-Founder



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