Scale & Grow Your Business With A Powerful Webflow Site

Supercharge your SaaS solution or boost your business’ success with a website that engages prospects, keeps them on-site, and converts them into customers.

Portrait of Matthias standing on a street.
Portrait of Matthias standing on a street.

If Your Product Is Complex, Your Website Shouldn’t Be

Make your customers’ online experience easy and enjoyable with a slick new site built by a Webflow Expert. Best-in-class UX and UI, paired with simple, clean design, and well-crafted copy will make your SaaS site stand out for all the right reasons.

As well as looking great and being easy to manage, Webflow sites are ideal for growing tech startups and scaling SaaS providers – especially those dealing with:

  • Slow page loading times that are driving users away
  • Expensive legacy sites that are racking up costs
  • WordPress-weary workers looking for new creative challenges
  • Sites with hard-coding issues
  • User-unfriendly websites with high bounce rates
  • New brand identities in need of an official web rollout

Getting Your Website Right

As a Webflow Professional Partner, I help to elevate startups through exceptional UX and UI design, and the creation of powerful, high-converting websites.

My Services include:
  • Webflow Development
  • Custom website design
  • SEO Fundamentals optimized for high-performing Webflow sites
  • Setup of scalable Webflow CMS systems for sites that serve your marketing team long term

TopStack Resume

For the FluxAcademy Design Challenge I created a redesign of the TopStack Resume website. The goal for the challenge was to redesign the website in order to maximise conversion and increase sales. From over 30 students a jury chose the top 5 designs, which were then built in Webflow and tested against each other. The design that I created had a conversion of 5.28% and made me one of two winners of the challenge.

Case study ->Visit site ->

Client experiences

Matthias is a great guy to work with. He managed to move our whole web presence from an in-house CMS to WebFlow. He was able to resolve technical issues like single-sign-on and content migration by including other professionals from his network and took full responsibility to deliver the result in high quality.

Julian-Christoph Huss portrait

Frank Böhmer



Matthias is exceptional - leading the process, mindful of deadlines, proactively handling challenges and a pleasure to work with. 💪💪

Julian-Christoph Huss portrait

Tina Ruseva

Founder & CEO


It was a pleasure working with Matthias. The communication with us was always quick and thorough. He took our ideas and goals to create a beautiful and functional website from the initial planning to the finished website.

Julian-Christoph Huss portrait

Daniela Bentrup

Head of Developer Marketing


Great collaboration, very good initial strategy planning and corresponding implementation, which is reflected in a first-class result. The project was a big investment for us, but the delivered results were definitely worth it! I look forward to more projects with Matthias in the future! :)

Julian-Christoph Huss portrait

Johannes Hötter



"Reliable, fast and professional. If you need a Webflow developer Matthias should be your choice."

Julian-Christoph Huss portrait

Robert Weber


knowhere GmbH

“Matthias is a good designer, has good ideas and, overall, is very dedicated.”

Julian-Christoph Huss portrait

Felix Winterstein


Xelera Technologies GmbH

Frequently asked questions

During our first call, we’ll talk about your project. You’ll receive a project proposal and your first invoice. Then we’ll define goals, objectives, success criteria, and more in a strategy meeting.

I build your technically sound, optimized website in 4-6 weeks. During that time, communication will be mostly asynchronous. I don’t fill your calendar with extraneous meetings.

I'm a solo developer with an extensive network of creatives. While I work alone for most projects, occasionally I team up with experts for illustrations, copywriting, or specialized code when a project requires it.

You will always know if someone else is helping us bring your vision to life. I’ll also manage your project as your single point of contact.

I worked as a web designer for many years. Today, I mostly work as a web developer, building your designer’s vision. 

Please let me know if you need a designer in the Project Request form. I still complete certain design projects and can also refer you to web designers if needed.

Depending on specific requirements, most Webflow development projects cost $10-25K.

There are many reasons why I recommend Webflow as a hosting provider and visual development tool.

  • Easy for you to maintain in-house (you won’t need to hire out)
  • Full design flexibility. We can build your website without templates — or limits.
  • Safe and secure hosting with much less security risk 
  • No need for software updates or plugin fixes
  • Full control over SEO. No plugins required.

Portrait of Matthias sitting

Hi 👋, I am Matthias

I create powerful websites that work hard for your business

As a multidisciplinary designer, I create brands, websites and UI/UX solutions in Hamburg, Germany.